Why this model can initiate a new era of Artificial Intelligence?

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Currently, science does not have an explanation of How the Mind Works. This problem raises the following question: There can be a real Artificial Intelligence without an Artificial Mind? The answer is NO! the current Artificial Intelligence is a big experiment that costs a lot of money. How many technological solutions exist to recognize a face? without a doubt, many. How many methodologies does the mind use for the same purpose? according to my thesis, only one. We can not achieve a true Artificial Intelligence, if we do not know exactly How the Mind Works!. (view some references of the current interest of how the brain processes information or How the Mind Works)
I offer a great discovery: The Artificial Mind, a concept higher than Artificial Intelligence, and in practice, is innovative mathematical model that simulates How the Mind Works. My goal is to get support to make public —in a safe way (copyright)— this concept and mathematical model.
  • This model allows quantifying —in precise way— any fact, matter, phenomenon or thing, which has some relevance for the human being. For example: a state of happiness or sadness, a feeling, the expectation or concern about something, the quality of a product or service, the efficiency of a worker, the total management of a business, the condition of the weather, the probability that a lightning strike on a particular point of the earth… in a few words: it allows to quantify —with mathematical precision— any problem raised.
  • In practical terms —this innovative model— solves the problem of measuring subjective elements, such: quality, efficiency, happiness, worry, hope, affection. Which guarantees a total integration, therefore, is obtained a total accuracy in the measurement of the results. For example, through the same methodology...
    • We can: establish the success of an "X" company, considering the traditional or tangible elements, such as: sales, costs, profitability, etc. But, also the subjective or intangible elements such as: quality of the product/service or efficiency of each worker.
    • We can: estimate the probability that the president (robot thinking) of the company "X", take a trip of pleasure, considering his state of happiness, free time, weather conditions, etc.
  • In technological terms, the model offers an efficient universal methodology —which represents a drastic reduction in time and money— for the application and development of all those tools or systems oriented to facilitate decision making (Systems of Support to Decisions or DSS, Games Theory, Decision Theory, Complex System, Expert Systems, etc.).
  • But also, with this universal characteristic, this model is constituted in a method, system, protocol or language; which fulfills exactly with the universal nature of the mind, and creates The Artificial Mind: concept higher than Artificial Intelligence; which materializes with the possibility of integrating global effort. Means, that robots can be configured with the best solutions —à la carte— that exist in the world. For example, to the Russian intelligent robot Virtual Actor —endowed with narrative and emotional intelligence, announced for this year (2017) by Dr. Alexei Samsonovich— could be easily added the "skills" developed by Google to play GO and also the capabilities of the Deep Ocean Explorer, manufactured at the German Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence. But, —this robot with Artificial Mind— could also be an Expert System with knowledge in Game Theory, and orientate the decision making in any organization. This is the new era of Artificial Intelligence of which I am referring.
  • On base of important scientific references (one law, two theories and one principle) and from a totally innovative approach —in my, thesis on How the Mind Works— five fundamental principles of the functioning of the mind or how the brain processes information are conceptually defined, and with this model are demonstrated —in a practical, clear and categorical— each one of them. Definition and demonstration that no science —until now— has performed.
  • Artificial Intelligence, represents a world project, "ideal" and difficult to achieve, is to say a utopia, in which any significant advance has great impact on our daily life. The importance of advancing in the utopia, with the contribution of this model, is implicit in the following hypothesis: Everything indicates, that is impossible that one mind process information —without reference to the motivations— in a different way of another mind; in this case, the model that demonstrates —in an irrefutable way— how a mind processes information, will be the only model accepted universally and will never have competition.
  • The importance of this model —beyond revealing the mystery of How the Mind Works— consists, in allowing the creation a global network of artificial neurons, which establishes a remarkable advance in the simulation of the complex network of about 100.000 million of neurons that interact in the human brain. Dr. Joaquim Fuster —recognized authority in the world of neuroscience— highlights the importance of the network, says: “…the network is the key, the neural network, especially the networks of the cerebral cortex, are the base of the whole knowledge and of all the memory, are formed throughout life, with the experience, by the establishment of connections, the ‘connect’ between neurons… between neurons that can be grouped in small groups especially in the primary sensory motor areas, which can be called modules… the modules are at the base, is to see, is to touch, is to hear... is to move, but the conscience of the knowledge and the conscience of the memory is in the network, is in the grouping…” (Redes 110: The soul is in the network of the brain - neuroscience, 2011). This phenomenon is known as synergy and summarized by Gestalt Psychology, in the following sentence: The whole is more than the sum of the parts.
  • This model —universal as the mind— in any case, fully satisfies the following hypothesis, which is perhaps the main foundation of the Cognitive Science (formal field of study of the cognition):
    • The system interacts with symbols, but not with their meaning, and the system (mind) would function correctly when the symbols appropriately represents some aspect of external reality, or some aspect of this, and the information processing in the system (symbolic computation) leads to a successful solution of the problem that has been presented (Varela, Thompson, y Rosch, 1993, p.42).
The theory of How the Mind Works, is contained in a thesis (document of 37 pages). In which, the mind-body problem is deciphered; also, offers a categorical response to the controversial question: can a computer be more intelligent than a human?; also, are established the necessary conditions in order that a computer could think with autonomy; and also arise, —surprisingly for evolutionists— an important link in the chain of events that gave rise to biological life.
For those skeptics who have doubts about the seriousness of my work, I give them a quick and important reference. It is not easy to define what the mind is, look for the best definition and compare:
  • The mind, in essence, is a set of faculties that allows the human being to produce and manage knowledge, for, with the least effort, establish needs and satisfy them.
I have full disposition to go to any part of the world, to present my thesis and demonstrate in a practical and theoretical way that the model I propose, represents a universal solution of transferring our knowledge to a computer. In other words, it represents the ideal medium to simulate our intelligence or enable a machine with Artificial Intelligence.
I invite any person or institution interested to put in practice this model, to coordinate efforts to start the era of The Artificial Mind.
I appreciate any comments, orientation or questions.
Jesús Eduardo López H.
Software Developer/Data Engineer


  1. Hello Jesus Eduardo Lopez H., how are you?
    This is interesting article above. I thought more deeply on that topic. I mean really basic functionality of brain - on the level of individual neurons and synapsis. Modelling the basic funcionality based on mathematical and computer science view. It is not the SIMULATION how the mind works but really basic design how the mind works. Plus some consequences in human thinking and developing (fundamental deficiency of Darwin's theory based on genetics and neuroscience. You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2okF1LR

    1. Dear Petr Rektorys, I appreciate your comment, you are right, this model simulates mathematically the basic functioning of the brain. In other words, allows to establish with mathematical rigor the knowledge that contains each neuron and transfer -this knowledge- it in its real dimension to other neurons. This "synapse" far exceeds current models.


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