Why this model can initiate a new era of Artificial Intelligence?

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Currently, science does not have an explanation of How the Mind Works. This problem raises the following question: There can be a real Artificial Intelligence without an Artificial Mind? The answer is NO! the current Artificial Intelligence is a big experiment that costs a lot of money. How many technological solutions exist to recognize a face? without a doubt, many. How many methodologies does the mind use for the same purpose? according to my thesis, only one. We can not achieve a true Artificial Intelligence, if we do not know exactly How the Mind Works!. (view some references of the current interest of how the brain processes information or How the Mind Works) I offer a great discovery: The Artificial Mind, a concept higher than Artificial Intelligence, and in practice, is innovative mathematical model that simulates How the Mind Works. My goal is to get support to make public —in a safe way (copyright)— this concept and mathematical model. This model a…