Why this model can initiate a new era of Artificial Intelligence?

(original text in spanish...)
This model allows quantifying —in precise way— any fact, matter, phenomenon or thing, which has some relevance for the human being. For example: a state of happiness or sadness, a feeling, the expectation or concern about something, the quality of a product or service, the efficiency of a worker, the total management of a business, the condition of the weather, the probability that a lightning strike on a particular point of the earth… in a few words: it allows to quantify —with mathematical precision— any problem raised.In practical terms —this innovative model— solves the problem of measuring subjective elements, such: quality, efficiency, happiness, worry, hope, affection. Which guarantees a total integration, consequently is obtained a total accuracy in the measurement of the results. For example, through the same methodology...We can: establish the success of an "X" company, considering the traditional or tangible elements, such as: sales, c…